Radiation Essay

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Radiation and its Effects on the World
The biological effects of radiation play a key role in today’s society and it is something that all species have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Throughout time, this field of study has grown and has become one of the most prominent fields of science. Radiation is something that we as a human race will never be able to escape. It is naturally present and has been since planet Earth was formed. In the mid 19th Century, there were two famous scientists that are known for their exquisite contributions to the study of radioactivity. Pierre and Marie Curie were a husband-wife duo that both studied at the Sorbonne. While at Sorbonne, they studied the properties of thorium and uranium and soon stumbled upon and discovered the element polonium. Pierre then decided to study magnetism at high temperatures. Marie proceeded to study in both chemistry and physics and received Nobel Awards in both fields. She is the only person in history to do this. The “curie” is a unit of measure that scientists use to this day in radiation studies. These two were not...

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