Racism in Schools

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This unjust act of racism and inequality within the school system can be dated back to 1896 with the Plessy V. Fugurson case which resulted in “ separate facilities for education” and an “ equal education”. It is from this case that we recall the term “ separate but equal”, in which whites and black had to attend separate schools but supposedly obtain an equal education. In 1899 was the Cumming V. Richmond case, in which three black families petitioned the court to allow their children to finish their high school education at a white high school, due to the closing of the local black high school which would intergrate African Americans and whites under one facility. The unfair and racial segregation even continued into the 1950 with the Sweatt V. Painter case consisted on an African American, Homas Sweatt, being denied access to the university of texas law school because he was black. This unequal treatment of separate but equal education continued until the 1954 case which we have all became so familiar with “ the Brown V. Board of Education” case. In this case a young girl from Kansas had to walk 21 blocks to the closet black only school when a white only school was only seven blocks away. In which the court declared an end to racially segregated schools due to the unequal education. With the Brown V. Board of Education case everyone thought we reached a new level of educational equality. However, Prejudice, ignorance and oppression exist all around us within today's society. Prejudice, or the lacking of knowledge against others who differ from ourselves, plagues our nation and educational systems. According to Tomko, Heather (September 28, 2009), racism is even more openly present in southern schools. When you can openl... ... middle of paper ... ... From: Campbell, D.E. (2010) Racism and Schools. Retrieved on February 20,2011 from Dittmann, Melissa. Desegregating Urban School. Monitor Staff Vol 35, No. 8 (September 2004). Retrieved on: February 20,2011. from: Merlot, Lily. (April 30, 2007). Cultural conflicts and their effects on academic performance. Retrieved on: February 21, 2011 From: Beswick, Richard.(2000).Racism in America's Schools. ERIC Digest Series, Number EA 49. Retrieved: 02-20-11 from: Ramey, S.L., & Ramey, C. T. (1994, November). The transition to school: Why the first few years matter for a lifetime. Phi Delta Kappan, 76(30), 194-198.
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