Racism Vs Racism

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Since the beginning of time people have been defined by their race or their skin color. It 's evident that a place, or city where a person is raised may have an impact on that person 's behavior in what people do, the way people do, what people say or how people express themselves about certain things. Having a mixture of different races in our society is not a bad thing because it brings different cultures together. A mixture of cultures allows others to appreciate the differences of people. These differences may bring to light the good of some and the bad of others. The bad of others which can lead to something that needs to be taken away from society. The one key that needs to be taken away from society is racism, of any form, especially as it relates to color. To be racist means to believe that a particular race/culture is superior to another. Racism towards African Americans has caused emotional damages to citizens young or old. Racism can be destructive mentally knowing that a person is judging another person by the color of one 's skin, the…show more content…
Many Caucasians in America has or know of someone who has committed a racist act toward an African American either direct or indirect. Effortless jokes, physical jesters, and verbal slangs are the most common acts of racism towards African Americans. For example, as it relates to racism, in politics and at the workplaces in America today, there has been many racist claims filed by African Americans. One popular event was the Presidential Election where Barrack Obama became President of the United States. Over the years has sparked a lot of confusion between many Caucasians and African Americans. These Caucasians believe that an African American shouldn 't be in charge over them. A lot of different offensive racial comments towards President Obama have been made and occasionally brought out to the
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