Racism- It Affects Everyone!

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Racism- It Affects Everyone!

Racism is a plague spreading through the world. Over a million people have died due to lynching, burnings, stabbings, and beatings. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the dangers of racism and discrimination and the pain they cause, while offering solutions to help counteract them.

Racism goes back a long ways, even before Jesus Christ was born. Jesus was actually a devout Jew, but the Bible portrays Jews as bad people who chose to save a barbarian instead of their savior, Jesus A21. Because of the spread of Christianity, many Jews have been discriminated against. Even Henry Ford, who was kind and not at all racist, unwittingly started an Anti-Semitic campaign when he said something about them in his newspaper in 1921 A23. The Holocaust all happened because of racism and discrimination. The reason Hitler wanted to kill the people of a certain race was that he believed in some things that weren’t true.

Some racists don’t really think or believe that other races are bad; they just don’t want to be together with them because it makes them uneasy D19. That doesn’t make racism okay, but not all racists are necessarily bad people. It’s okay if people don’t like being around other races, but it’s bad for them to act on their feelings. Some white people even refuse to sell houses to African-Americans B8, which is bad. If a person didn’t like living in the same neighborhood as a black person, then it’s their problem. It is not acceptable to refuse to do something for a person because he or she is of a different race, gender, or religion. Some people have helped other people who are victims of discrimination, though. In 2002, 140 countries signed an agreement-promising asylum to people who ...

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... I think that the first solution is best. Punishment leads to violence, so the second solution would not be as good. Also, in history, very little was actually solved with making punishments more severe. Usually that works for a little while, but eventually it just falls apart. The best way to solve this problem is just to raise awareness until everyone agrees that racism is bad and that everyone should be treated equally.

So, racism is a plague, but it can be solved. If everyone joins together for this common cause, there is a chance that we can be free of the cold touch of racism and discrimination once and for all. Racists aren’t bad people. People just need to explain to them that what they believe in isn’t actually true.

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