Racism In The White Scourge

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The United States, the land of the opportunity, of hope, the land of the American dream, but also the land of racism. Along the dark chapters of American History, racism has been the darkest and most tremendous problem in American society, which is clearly not a behavior of the past. Donald Trump, is the Republican candidate for the American presidency. Trump has made horrendous declarations that incite the white supremacy, Donald makes them feel that white people are omnipotent. The stupidity of Trump is just a reflection of the culture of America. Texas was built with a racist ideology, social groups were separated and cataloged by the color of their skin. Texas, is well known for the longhorn cattle, the rich farming lands, and a unique culture that is characteristic of the region. Long before Texas was characterized by its warm and friendly people, Texas was dominated by the white supremacy and Mexicans, black people and white poor people lived the hell on Earth. In the book The Whites Scourge: Mexicans, Blacks and Poor Whites in Texas Cotton Culture by well-known History professor Neil Foley, is expressed the barbarity in which white people treated other razes, as a result of different skin color. The White Scourge is a well written…show more content…
White rich ranchers, the top of the society, they had everything they needed, money, land, a humongous mansion with servants, they were the elite of the society. After white ranchers, Mexicans with money, which caused such a trouble for the whites, because they were Mexican by nature, but according to whites, Mexican were stupid and lazy, so they consider rich Mexicans as Spanish, they were white enough to over pass Mexicans and blacks, but not as white as the Americans. After them, poor whites, which were consider less white, due to the popular idea that white rich rancher had, they descended from the scum of the whiteness.
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