Racism In Race

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Race is a toxic subject, because it sparks a conflict that can never be resolved. It separates human beings not on their intellect or strengths, but by what country or nation they are from, by how they speak, or what their appearance is . Race, to the world, is a neutral word, because it simply does not have a “side” or “purpose”, except for categorization. Each and every country has their own “race” of people and is further broken down into more complex segments such as, an “Asian-American”. However, race used in any other way seems to be in a negative way, such as: race wars, racial injustice, and racism. As long as the word race is in the English language, there will be conflict and unrest. The media presents the racial injustices that each race is going through because of factors such as: thoughts of one race being more superior to the other, one race being more wealthy than the other, and one race being…show more content…
Me being an Asian-American, I experience injustices every day. People believe I am an unathletic, school-focused, glass-wearing, young adolescent that does not know anything other than book work. Stereotypes than are expanded upon when the name-slandering comes about. Terms such as: chink, squint-eyed, and line-eyed, are thrown around with laughs following to lighten the mood, when in reality, triggers a revolting image of the race which whom is slandering me. Hypothetically speaking though, if I was with an African-American, that was not as well-dressed as me, and we got ourselves in trouble, who would be to blame first? A major racial inequality that was prevalent of most recent, was a caucasian male raping a woman, and only getting the minimum amount of jail time. When in contrast, an African-American, or even any other race, would be judged based upon a more strict ideology of stereotypes, and people would assume the counterpart race did it for a more sinful
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