Racism In Frederickson's The Black Imagine In The White Mind

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Frederickson’s title “The Black Imagine in the White Mind” leaves little doubt regarding which side of the argument the author takes on this subject. Within his essay, he stresses the point that racism under the doctrine of “white supremacy” had a vast influence on the failure of Reconstruction. This doctrine of white supremacy stated that white men were superior to colored men, although colored men were now freedmen. Frederickson contends that although the Civil War was over, racism within the south did not disappear overnight which lead to strong opposition from southerners to conform to the North’s pursuit of equality among all races. Southerners were extremely bitter with the fact that colored men would have civil rights equal to theirs.…show more content…
In “The Black Imagine in the White Mind”, Frederickson draws thought-provoking attention to one certain writer and defender of slavery, Van Evrie, and the way his works may have contributed to Reconstruction’s failure. For example, in 1868, Van Evrie, changed the title of one of his well-known books from Negroes and Negro “Slavery” to White Supremacy and Negro Subordination encouraging racism to live on. Racism went by a new name now, “white supremacy.” Also, in 1868, Edward A. Polland, a Richmond journalist and writer, aligned with Van Evrie’s opinions, published a book titled The Lost Cause Regained. According to Polland, Negros were “inferior” to white men which justified slavery. His book’s main audience was Southern white men who were in agreement about slavery. His book fueled the white man’s desire to remain superior to African-Americans. A Nashville publisher, Buckner Payne, writing under the pseudonym “Ariel,” published a pamphlet titled The Negro: What Is His Ethnological Status? Payne proposes that Negros were created before Adam and Eve in the biblical sense, making them a “separate and distinct species of the genus homo.” He belittles Negros by comparing them to a He argued that because some of the sons of Adam intermingled with this lower species, God punished mankind by sending the flood. He dehumanizes African-Americans when he states they are beasts and man will be punished and “exterminated” if he gives his daughter’s hand to a negro in marriage. Payne maintained this is exactly what would happen if African-Americans were allowed to be equal to whites. The two races would eventually begin to crossbreed which would result in the tainting and corruption of the entire white race ultimately leading to its
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