Racism In Crash, Dr. Martin Luther King's 'Crash'

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In his famous “I Have a Dream” Speech, Dr. Martin Luther King stated, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” What made Martin Luther King to say something like the above quote? The answer is mainly focusing on only one concept. Only one idea that makes those who are its victims feels intimidated, angry, unwelcome and unworthy. Racism is the concept. It is the only concept that can be able to make a conflict between people, isolate and separate them. The movie Crash is a perfect example that shows racism. First, it shows that people are judging each other based on their stereotypes, an example of that is the bad…show more content…
It represents people identities because it forms from their faith, values and tradition that influence their behavior in surviving. People are the ones who create their culture because culture without people does not exist. For example, when someone has a particle belief or saw something that delivered his attention he/she will share it with someone else; when both agree about it; they make it as a rule in their life to survive. Also, they make it something that identify them from other people, and as long as other people start to believe their ideas they begin to form a group that has a particular faith or stereotype that known as culture. In “On Being Different” book, Kottak and Kozitis defined culture as “innate human capacity to create and transmit traditions, beliefs, and symbols that govern behavior”(pg 9). The authors tried to explain that people are the ones who make their traditions and beliefs, and then they spread it out to the rest of population and pass it to their generation. When a certain group disagrees with the beliefs or the traditions of another group, they start to form their own thoughts and traditions, which create culture diversity. When they start to rank one culture above the others that creates discrimination and fighting between the nations. In “Class and Historical Process in the United States” article, Thomas Patterson explained how the class,…show more content…
Some people think that colorblindness is one of the best ways to deal with culture diversity in the United States because it leads to an equal society that race privileges no longer exist. It depends mainly on treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to their color (race, faith, and ethnicity). According to “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting" book, chapter 2, Prashad explained the logical of the most motivating action to decrease discrimination, which was the “affirmative action.” Affirmative action was looking for evaluating people based on their merit and regardless of ethnicity. He explained that color blind people are whom attitude was proponing of the affirmative action. He explained how people were ignoring this action and how other ethnicities were discriminated against for whites by giving an example of the education process of the Asian American those days when Asian American applicants had to get more points on their SATs than white applicants got to be accepted into Harvard University. Prashad showed how Asian American were asking for the right to be treated equally as whites and showed how Asian American faced discrimination in everything. Although, color blind may be one source of ending discrimination; it still has a negative side. Some
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