Racism: Beyond Recognizing the Problem

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Thus far in the course we have discussed many issues pertaining to racial identity and in particular to assimilation and self assigned racial identity versus the perceived and expected racial identity. We are aware that race is a complex issue and it is clear that there is not set way of defining race, in fact, it seems to be a very fluid definition. However, the ambiguity of what race really is often leads to many misunderstandings. These misunderstandings exist in the larger scale, among whites, among minority groups and between minority groups. In order to move forward and deal with some of the most important effects of racism, it is important for these misunderstandings to be addressed but even beginning this process has proven to be very complex.
The issues between black and white Americans have been talked about for a long time because frankly it is the greatest example of disparities and differences. There is a clear history of oppression that makes the discussion a very charged one. However, with the growing diversity of the country it has become clear that the differences extend beyond just white and black. There are an array of races and ethnicities making their presence known in the United States, which has added to the tension of the larger issue.
Since I am most familiar with the issues surrounding Latinos, I will focus on this subgroup to attempt to explore the complexity of the problem. Even among the Latino/Hispanic category the variability between subgroups is immense. There are people from many different countries, white Latinos, black Latinos and most commonly mixed Latinos. Just the variability within this subgroup makes categorization complex and is often confusing especially when filling out paperwor...

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.... 40) then there are no obstacles for everyone else to ‘make it’. This perspective can lead to animosity between minority people that have been able to navigate the system and those that have not been so fortunate. Even now it is clear that while there are some exceptions we should not be able to even make the distinction between the exceptions based on race
In order for there to truly be reform it is important for people, regardless of race, to come together and recognize that there is a lot of work to be done. Ideally race would not be as big of an issue as it is, but since it is there is not choice but to face it head on. However, remain adamant about the fact that facing racial disparities does not mean pretending like race does not exist. Rather it is about learning how to co exist and recognize the beauty in different cultures.
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