Racism And Racism In Othello

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The Elizabethan Age was a forty five year period of new thinking and ideas. It was a time in which it flourished with poetry, music and literature. During this time, a famous poet by the name of William Shakespeare came to rise. He made many different stories, one of which included “The Tragedy of Othello”. “The Tragedy of Othello” follows the story of Othello, a warrior in the Venetian army and follows what goes on with his love life and his struggles through the story. Shakespeare depicts different images of discrimination toward different ethnic minorities throughout the play. Also during the actual Elizabethan Age, there was racism and sexism toward the different ethnic minorities and genders. In “The Tragedy of Othello”, we see parts of this with Iago because of some of his hatred toward Othello and how he would sometimes ridicule Othello. Brabantio also showed disdain toward Othello partially because of his color and because he felt betrayed toward him. Ethnic minorities in the Elizabethan Age were treated much differently than the whites during the time and the same goes for “The Tragedy of Othello.” The similarities between the two indicate how realistic Shakespeare incorporated the realistic time period that he was in and put it into his stories. It also shows that ethnic minorities were considered different and of lower class compared to the white race otherwise known as the superior race at the time.
A distinct view of racism against ethnic minorities is mainly against Othello. He was a well respected general even though he was a Moor (a person of African descent). However, once it got out of his secret marriage with Desdemona, it changed and everyone had different views of him. It was basically as if all o...

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...rrels against the different social classes against one another whenever they sometimes went to theatres and how the theatre seats were separated by what social class you were in basically. William Shakespeare was a great poet who made many good stories and other poems. His drama story “The Tragedy of Othello” was probably one of the most tragic of all because of all the deceiving plots put in between and the different stories that were going on in between with the different characters. An although the Elizabethan Age was a time of new English literature (i.e. poems, stories,etc.) not many poets or even authors of other genres can live up to the standards that William Shakespeare put out there with his story of Othello who’s self-esteem got to the best of him in the end because he didn’t believe enough in himself and his wife Desdemona, therefore creating a tragedy.

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