Racism in the US Foreign Policy

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Racism, it is defined as the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.). In layman’s term, it is an idea wherein one group treats another in a negative way leading to the outcasting of one form to another. One of the major basis of racism is the physical appearance of a person that trends to be a discrimination in the society. Not only the physical aspects are being judged but also the culture, tradition and practices are been after for. In racism, it is always viewed as the barrier between the black and white in terms of who is being more civilized. The perception of the majority is that if you are black, you are in a low level but if you are white then you are of higher rank than that of the other (Fredrickson, 1934). Racism in the U.S. Foreign Policy is evident; supposedly it aims to serve and create a bridge between different races of international community for democratic, secure, and thriving world. The concept of racism is said to originate during the past 500 – 1000 years. It started when the Non-Westerners were dominated by the Western powers that had bigger impact on history; an example would be the slavery started by the Westerners in which Africans were enslaved. The root cause was the racist belief that Black Africans were less fully humans than the white Europeans and their descendants. Racism has existed throughout human history up to this date. It was able to influence wars, slavery, and the division and formation of different nations. According to Aristotle, “those who are so much inferior to others as is the body to the soul, and beasts to... ... middle of paper ... ...m is wrong as early as possible can be of help in having a peaceful society. The researchers suggest that the whites must acknowledge the worth of the blacks and forget what happened to colonialism because it is all where it started. Greed of power, exploitation and domination are the reasons why racism still exists now. The blacks must also help themselves by believing that they are worthy and not be left as slaves to the white. The biological differences from different races should not be overseen as a major basis of social acceptance and social action. Hence, the unity among the people is the main thing. Discrimination creates a barrier in communication between those who discriminate and vice versa. The problem of racism can be eliminated. It will however take time for the US foreign policy to work things out through the help of the combined effort of the people.
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