Racial and Demographic Challenges Faced in Schools Today

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Schools face challenges of educating increasingly diverse population as the racial and ethnic demography in America is changing. Achievement gap is observed between the white’s and the minority students. Research show, that this kind of achievement gap can induce lifetime consequences and limiting opportunities for minority education in their higher education and also in their employment. The achievement gap in the education basically refers to the disparity in the academic performances between groups of different races. The achievement gap can be measured by the variables standardized-test scores, course selection, dropout rates, and college-completion rates. These gaps are identified generally between the African-American and Hispanic students and non-Hispanic white peers. Disparity is also between the low-income families and high-income families. TheNo Child Left behind Act of 2001, asked the schools and districts to disaggregate the data of student scores and other performances so as to have a better comparison between the groups. The enactment of act made the disparity visible b...
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