Racial Profiling Of African American

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Racial profiling of African American in the U.S. Racial profiling is one of the challenges that African American face every day. However, there are several people that claim that racial profiling of African Americans does not exist, but rather it is a personal whim. Racial profiling of African American exists in a wider extent such as law enforcement agencies, the education system, the criminal justice system, and even in restaurants. To make a stop to racial profiling of African Americans, society must first acknowledge the problem. This essay will provide facts, demographic statics and personal anecdotes to address the audience that racial profiling exist in the U.S. Racial profiling roots dates back to colonial times. It was referred in a better term called Gateway term- an excuse used to approach citizens assumed to be criminals (history News Network). According to the American Civil Liberties Union, racial profiling is often defined as a discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeted individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. Racial profiling is a result of making assumption about individuals because they belong to a specific group of people. It happens when a person takes a wrongful action because he/she is worried concerned about safety, for security reasons or for the public protection and the decision is made based on stereotypes about the person race, color, ethnicity, religion or place of origin (America civil liberties union). In the article “Exploring Black and American accounts of 21st century Racial profiling: Riding and Driving while Black by Gina Castle Bell, Mark C. Hopson, Richard Craig, and Nicholas... ... middle of paper ... ...s issue, it is necessary that everyone is aware of the problem. Racial profiling is not a personal whim but it is an issue that exist in our communities. Racial profiling exists within law enforcement agencies, education system, criminal justice system and restaurants. These are few places racial profiling is mostly recognized, however the issue that has been developing in different areas for a long time. Many issues in our society indicate that Racial profiling exists today in U.S. It is a challenge that African American face every day. The first step to solve this issue is for society to acknowledge it and respond to it in a way to prevent it from persisting; and find a solution to stop it. Racial profiling is not a personal whim when it is something that many people experience because of their race and ethnicity.
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