Racial Profiling Essay

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Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling is an issue which has affected the entire black communities globally. Great danger and mistrust have been a result of racial profiling of the black community. Racial profiling not only affects the black community but other communities alike. Either taking a part in profiling others or being profiled everyone is affected in some way or another. Law enforcement is now not being trusted as much as the black communities fear instead of trusting our men and women in blue. Racial profiling has its consequence on youngsters and adolescence and their logic of self-worth and self-assurance (Ontario Human Rights Commission, n.d.). As a consequence, a substantial distrust has advanced both between minority
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Racial profiling by the police has developed into a progressive debatable problem in current years (Weitzer, &Tuch, 2002). Social stratification plays a part in racial profiling meaning that discrimination has been established. Within racial profiling racial and ethnic stratification also plays a large part in the problem. Class is based on the somatic features of people as Caucasian (White) individuals are believed to be more gifted, greater and ethical, while African Americans (Black) are believed to be dishonest, and oversensitive. The conflict viewpoint accepts that stratification imitates the dissemination of control in society and is consequently one of the most significant causes of the struggle and intimidation by law enforcement and other…show more content…
Eventually, it is civilization that is most damaged if racial profiling outcomes continues to drive individuals to lose their assurance in law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the education system and other institutions. Mistrust and fear cause challenges to resolving the issue of racial profiling of the future and the past. Racial profiling has improved public harmony and consistency (Rivera,2008).The court of law have steadily unsuccessful recognized the link between demonizing African Americans, as a means of justifying the establishment of bondage, and racial profiling observed and used by police in modern American civilization. Historical beliefs that technologically advanced to continue the oppression arrangement remain; these beliefs base themselves on the proclamation that African Americans have characteristics of lawbreakers that should be under continuous distrust (Rivera, 2008). The disgrace of misconduct emotionally involved toward African Americans by the white culture was established as a means of common governor over the imprisoned and later liberated African Americans. These historical factors represent challenges to resolving and engaging whites in continuous fear of blacks, white populations would be more eager to agree black reduction to guarantee white protection (Rivera,
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