Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling is a serious discrimination against certain ethnic races. Contrary to popular belief, racial profiling can happen anytime and anywhere. It is important for us to realize that racial profiling is disrespectful to the people who are targeted and it is a crime. People should not be targeted just because of their race or color.

Racial profiling has become one of the most controversial practices widely used knowingly or unknowingly in police departments, airport security systems and other government agencies across the world. The world there has been numerous incidents where people have been arrested, detained, and even beaten because of their ethnicity. A good example is incident that happened this April. A Man named Isaac Williams was arrested after taking his daily “walks” his doctor prescribed him. At the current time Peel regional police searching for a breaking and entering. Williams was spotted and was detained in a cruiser and interrogated by an officer repeatedly shouting at him. However, it does not end there, after Williams was released there was a press conference that claimed that if Williams was a different race he would not have been interviewed. Williams is filing a case against Peel Regional Police. Incidents like Williams case happens to often around the world. Even though racial profiling is a disgraceful method, some may argue that racial profiling is necessary measure to keep the world safe from unwanted threats. They will argue that Racial Profiling is an important measure to keep away terrorist activities and capture criminals who might be smuggling drugs or human trafficking. However, there are better ways to identify these criminals. Behavioral profiling should be the main form of identifying potential criminals because, instead of using race as a key point in identifying potentially threatening criminals, behavioral profiling uses someone’s behavior to identify criminals. This method will not discriminate people of different races and will be more efficient then racial profiling. Racial Profiling has started to spread too many places around the world; we need to let the world know that arresting people solely on their race is a discriminatory and wrong practice.

To some people, Racial Profiling is considered as “morally wrong”. That means that is like putting certain races into a lower class while putting other races in a higher class. This practice is wrong because in most countries we consider that all people are equal and they deserve to be treated equal.
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