Racial Prejudice And White Supremacy

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White supremacy is a system that is used to maintain White dominance and superiority over minorities. Although racism and White Supremacy are not as obvious as it used to be, there has been a new development of racism, which maneuvers as the notions of colorblindness, assimilation, and the model minority. Colorblindness is a racial ideology that diminishes discrimination through not seeing the color of skin. However, this causes racial bias because there is still White privilege in society. In other words, we already adopt a world of Whiteness as it is an unnoticed notion of orientation as it shapes relationships of power, self identity and objects in space. Also, without acknowledging cultures, one is not able to accept unique differences between humankind. Assimilation is the process by which different cultures come to resemble one group. Therefore, assimilation was not made for unity and acceptance, but to force a culture by adapting into a limited perspective. This was a process of forced cultural abandonment of religious or ethnic minority groups in order to establish a larger community. Lastly, the model minority is a group that can achieve a “higher” degree of socioeconomic success than the average minority, this is including income, low criminal rates and stability. This causes separation and conflict between all minority groups because its an act of superiority. Although these concepts are seen to be positive by society, racism and white supremacy transcended into contemporary institutional barriers of prejudice, contributed by factors within our own minority communities such as assimilation, colorblindness, and the model minority.

“Color is something White people deeply desire, but cannot posses.” (Welsing). Dr. Cre...

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...conomically stable than other minorities. Being the highest of the working class is powerful. Whites are known to have superior access to funds, estate, and education than other minority groups. Also, greater workplaces are granted towards Whites. However, along with the concepts of acceptance, we are contradicted with an idea that race involves competition, which then leads to power and power can change the way we view each other. This causes separation and conflict between all minority groups because there is an act of superiority within our own kind. In today’s age, the model minority is looked at in the Asian American Community. For Example, in most Universities, the population is populated with Caucasians and Asians. Because they are on the hierarchy of minorities, they are the closest treated to White, even though all minorities are still considered “inferior.”
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