Racial Inequalities In Education Essay

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: In today’s society, the education system has been a prodigious concern. It has been a hot button issue on how the school system should be handled. There have been several racial inequalities in the schools and the students are the ones that are affected by it. In the New York Times newspaper, writer Motoko Rich has been following how the Federal system will be placed at schools. Rich’s article titled “New Federal Guidelines Aim to Rid Schools of Racial Inequality” talks about how the new Federal guidelines will aim to get rid of the racial inequalities that the schools and students face in everyday life. Rich’s view point on these new guidelines is that she is in favor of the Federal guidelines. She starts off by saying that racial minorities…show more content…
They only make about 25% in Advanced Placement classes, compared with 81% of white students and 87% of Asian American. Which they have been better prepared for college admission, but for minorities, there have been inequalities in the public school system. Rich, talks about a document with 37 pages that was issued by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education and the “administration urges state officials, superintendents and Principals to monitor policies and facilities to make sure they are equitably distributed among students of all races” (Rich). That way student may have equal access to programs that the schools may offer. Motoko Rich continues making more references about the Education Department. And they have some data collected, which says that the gaps point to a constant inequality for minorities in the public school system. One point that the Education Department makes is black and Hispanic students are less likely to have teachers who do not meet all the requirements, which the state needs to meet.. There are schools with high groups of minorities and they are more likely to have portable buildings, than those who have a large number of
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