Racial Formation Analysis

In Racial Formation in the United States by Michael Omi, he pays close attention to

better develop the understanding of the term “race” in America. He goes in depth about

how Ronal Reagan played a huge role in how America racially formatted. Reagan looked

at race in a “color blind” matter. Which came from the fact that African Americans were

looked at differently during this time period. This guaranteed that all races had an equal

opportunity in America, and did not strip people away from jobs cause of their color.

The book was structured thematically, based off of three major topics: the concept of

racial formation, critique on racial theories in America, and how post war politics and

racial history affect racial formation. Omni tries to break down every issue of racism in

each chapter, giving the reader a better understanding of different factors that cause racial

formation. Touching on different topics that could possibly cause this issue, but at the

same time questioning theories that are previously made to help figure out why racism is

such a huge issue in America. But it was also structured in a chronological order

based off of the different racial dynamics over decades. Omni touches on a lot of

different facts ranging from the issues that were brought up during a certain time period.

In the first part of the book Omni pays close attention to a lot of researches that were

done. A lot of theories were put to the test, like race theories of ethnic, nation, and class.

He continuously brings up these theories throughout the book, to either validate them or

prove them wrong. These theories help determine why there are/were so many racial

issues in America.


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...ities to

revoke their power from them, they want to stay in control. So they are doing everything

they possibly can to keep other ethnicities tied down.

Omni makes very valid points through the book, pointing out all the issues in our

system that cause so many racial formations. That date back from the 1700’s and we are

still dealing with the raft of these racial problems. Different ethnicities have progressed in

political positions though, they do not have the same amount of minorities as they do

white people but they are getting fairly close. There is really no way of knowing when

racism will end, and different ethnicities will be treated the same as whites. But over the

years it has progressively got better. And with time, it is assumed it will eventually no

longer be an issue in America. Until then, minorities will fight for equality.

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