Racial Disparities Of Health Care And Home Care

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Racial Disparities in Health Care and Home care Even though the health care industry equally provides services for every people, the racial disparities still exist today. Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities in United States practice inadequately service to minority patients. This paper will explore how current minority people experience inferior quality of care and poor resources from medical facilities. Furthermore, how the facilities in poor conditions can not facilitate patients resulting in low quality healthcare service and some go back home without getting the treatment that they need. This also causes a chain reaction with increased a number of rehospitalization of patients across the country. Therefore; the increase number of rehospitalization will cause problems with the public health system in spending their resources where really is not needed. Thus, it is important to find solutions to reduce racial disparities in the healthcare industry and this task still remain has a challenge to many healthcare professionals. In the United States, minority groups experienced lower quality of health service. The disproportionately located health facilities render different medical services depending on the ethnic population of the area Smith et al.,(2007). The author studied about the segregation of nursing homes in the United States. They measured the quality of nursing home, calculated the percentage of residents, and separately for African-Americans and Caucasian, who were found in services. They found that African-Americans were condensed in the smaller percentage of nursing home than Non-African-Americans. Within the small percentage of African-Americans, only ten percent of African-American were in for-profit fac... ... middle of paper ... ...ian family. Higher expectation of care set the bar high for proper assessment on the performance of health care providers. Also, cultural difference across racial groups produced a different assessment, through which minority respondents might report lower scores for the same level of experience with care. There is a necessity to improve the both area of the nursing home facilities and pay closer attention of patient care service amongst different group of ethnicity. The racial disparities persistently existed throughout history and it still exist amongst us. Many studies and investigation has been done to find a possible solution to this matter, but the task still remains unsolved. It has become clear through this paper that a solution is needed not only for the benefit of many minority patients across the country, but also for the financial gain of our country.
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