Racial Discrimination : Jackie Robinson

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From the film “42” Jackie Robinson, African American man faced a lot of racial discrimination during the play, however he endures it and become a famous star. These are the actors/actress and Director; Jackie Robinson - Chadwick Boseman, Branch Rickey - Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie - Rachel Robinson, Harold Parrott - T.R Knight, Ryan Merriman - Dixie Walker, etc, Directed by Brian Helgeland. These actors/actress and Director helped viewer to understand the feeling of Jackie Robinson and other African American’s feelings. Through the movie, we can see Jackie Robinson helped to breaking down the racism of america by playing MLB. This film also shows us how racism is bad, the ugly standard idea of racism, and how white guy treats Jackie Robinson. During the movie, “Was Jackie hit by a ball thrown by pitcher during a game?”, “Did his teammates support Jackie when he was differentiate against by other baseball coaches?”, and “Was Ben Chapman actually asked to pose with Jackie Robinson for a photo?”. After the an in-depth analysis, it is evident that these events truly occurred and was not over reacting. First scene of the movie, starts with Jackie and his old team at the gas station, but before, Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager,Branch Rickey, was interested in transferring African american player who is playing in NBL(Stands for Negro Baseball League). Before the Dodger manager scouted Jackie, he had to ask Jackie to endure racism during the game and in his team. And he decided to just ignore the insult. And last, he became the players for the Dodgers. He was the only African American baseball player in Major League. Because he was black, most of the teammates were not supportive. After the spring training, Jackie advances to the Dodgers. ... ... middle of paper ... ...y a ball. Also, Jackie was reviled by the audience. He is not the only person who was oppressed by racism. If Jackie had been a different person, then he could not have overcome racial discrimination. Many African-American people protested for the equal rights movement at that time. Groups of black people were beaten and jailed. Little by little, the Major League has changed to allow for scouting other all ethnic groups. Nowdays, we can easily see other ethnic groups from the work place and everywhere. This movies show the history of racism and its effects in the United States. “Even though we can hate people, we can’t judge people by their skin color but by their abilities.”(Film 42) I feel that our society cannot live without being surrounded by various people. This movie makes me feel that human beings can not get along without the help of other people.
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