Racial Discrimination In Andrea J. Ritchie's 'Driving While Black'

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The police are sworn to protect the citizens of the United States; however this phenomenon that many of color who are consistently pulled over for frequently committed crimes or none while driving labeled it was “Driving While Black” appears to be enough reason to pull over those of color and subjecting them to harassment under the term racial profiling as an excuse to rightfully pull them over. Although it may seem that this group may be the most targeted by law enforcement, it is actually in fact that within the group, women of color regardless of ethnicity are frequent targets for more than a ticket or citation, more often than not it frequently involves police brutality. In the article “Say Her Name,” author Andrea J. Ritchie presents…show more content…
In current news stories that the article has refers to, racial oppression is in the form of bad police practices that have recently started an uproar of protests when a story reveals that a white police officer victimizes a minority. Few patterns exists that provide some repetitive detail in which police officers use to victimize women of color under presumptions that black women are generally violent. Under these assumptions it may appear as though it give the officer the excuse to use excessive force against black women (Ritchie). In other words, officers clearly believe they are in the right in using excessive force against women of color. Most noteworthy, even if it clearly victimizes them while caught breaking a simple, commonly broken traffic law. Also, Ritchie purposes, “Challenging police violence requires a challenge to the institutional structure itself, which is deeply rooted in policing the boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, poverty and nation.” In short, if the system is to be resolved of racial tensions that have corrupted it, it must then change from within removing the political view that minorities are more likely to commit the same crime as a white person that many people label this tactic as racial profiling.Consequently, it shouldn’t result in the typical results that normally happen to Sandra Bland and various others who experience extraordinarily similar cases of police brutality.
To conclude, author Andrea J. Ritchie establishes the need for police conduct to change through several cases. The article utilizes other articles to further expand in depth the severity of police brutality on black women. By allowing the introduction of Sandra Bland’s case then following up with several other reports gave the audience the understanding that police conduct is something that should not be taken lightly if it results in victimizing minority
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