Racial Discrimination In America

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Racial discrimination in our world has affected the world in many ways and should not have come to effect people who are of different races, mostly African Americans and or blacks vs. whites. It has been an issue occurring over decades and restricting other races to reach higher opportunities.
Around the 1800s-1900’s time period segregation and discrimination was still uprising issues in society. Racism initiated during this time period to display a slave-labor system. In the late 1880s segregation developed where whites tried to have authority over African Americans. They began to become exceedingly affixed to discriminative seating. An example would be Rosa Parks who was arrested for not giving up her seat for a white man. Because of Rosa
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For instance, The Jim Crow was a system of laws and customs that enforced racial segregation and discrimination throughout the United States, especially in the South. The legislations were written and practiced as it was segregated against African Americans. There have been a lot of unfairness and discriminations throughout the years in America because of racism. Despite the existence of laws passing racism, there will always be the big controversy of racial issues between white Americans and African Americans, where the Whites are viewed as more superior in all areas like politics and businesses while the African Americans are looked down upon. What happened to all people should be treated equally? The society we live in mostly see whites as the “privileged” being able to attain higher possibilities and opportunities in life than African Americans who remain at the lower bottom of poverty. It seems like even if African Americans work extremely hard in the workforce, they will be stuck at a lower working position, than if whites had taken the same footsteps as the African Americans. According to “ The State of Working America” article by the economic policy institute, the quick facts display that African Americans have the highest poverty rate, which stands at 27.4% and 45.8% percent of young black children live in poverty compared to white children living in poverty at about 14.5%. With these facts, it shows the…show more content…
I experienced a lot of racism because I was Asian- American. I would get called names like “ ching- chong” and teased, “ You have chinky eyes”. At a young age, I did not question things but instead accepted the fact I was being labeled. But there were times where I wanted to change my race to white or black enabling me to fit in with the rest of the community. It was just a natural instinct wanting to fit in and be apart of the crowd. I just wanted to be like everyone else, and be treated equally. However, as of today, the decline of racism towards Asian Americans, the majority ethnic group became forgotten. Now back to the racism issue with society consistently perceiving dark skinned blacks/ African Americans as “bad dangerous people” and not giving them equal opportunities, the perceived view of African Americans will continue to be viewed as bad people, instead of “all people are equal”. The way that societies narrow their views of all African Americans will continue to remain the same. The thought of dark skinned African Americans “ dangerousness” will be trapped, if this issue remains constant.
Racism is not much of a widespread issue now compared to the past. But in ways, this social problem has affected our society’s social structure including income inequality, education, and public welfare. Racism towards African Americans will only restrict
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