Racial Discrimination: A Brief Summary Of Part One

analytical Essay
256 words
256 words

Part one begins with a young Antoinette living with her family in Jamaica. Freeing their slaves for no money in return really made things difficult for Antoinette and the rest of their family. Racial discrimination plays a major role in the beginning due to how blacks do not respect them due to how they were previous slave owners and whites do not care for them because they are poor. This puts their family in a very difficult position. Struggling to stand on her own two feet, Annette marries Mr. Mason, a wealthy planter. In hopes that this solves the problems the family is going through, unfortunately it only makes things worse within their community. Part two begins with the newly weds of Rochester and Antoinette on their honeymoon in Granbois.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how a young antoinette lives with her family in jamaica. racial discrimination causes tensions in the family.

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