Racial Discrimination

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Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is shown through out the book, To kill a

mockingbird. During discrimination, many certain people got hurt

during the times of the depression. In this book, Tom Robinson was

teased of and discriminated against because he was black. Scout Finch

is the narrator of the book. Jem is her brother, and the father is

Atticus Finch, the dad and the city knowing lawyer. This book is set

during the depression, so it is kind of hard for people to live with

going through this time period. Many people are very hurt and very

badly beaten because of the time that people usually did not like

blacks and some times they did not even like whites at times. The

author of To kill a mockingbird, is Harper lee, whose book shows the

hard times of companionship and leadership throughout to kill a

mockingbird, which shows how people are treated and how they act about

being beat up. She also tries to show how people have so bad ideas

that would just be painful to someone else but they still think it is

cool because they know that they should not be living with a black

person or a white person. Most of the prejudice that happen in this

book revolves around the Tom Robinson rape case. This book is set in

Maycomb, Alabama.

Racial discrimination becomes a big factor in to kill a mockingbird. "

People said that he existed but jem and I had never seen him". " There

are four kinds of folks in this world", Blacks, Ewells, Cunningham's,

and the finches and the neighbors. Miss Caroline says to scout that, "

your father does not know how to teach". That is discrimination by

just guessing that scouts dad doesn't know how to be a teacher. Tom

Robinson knew that he was innocent and so did Atticus but ...

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... a very hard

job because most of the people in maycomb county and the county's all

believe that blacks are bad and they should be punished for their

race. This is true because people in the city believe that blacks are

bad for the community and they should have to be put in jail if they

are accused and they might not be guilty, but they are still thrown in

jail because of the outside appearance color of their skin. Telling

people in maycomb sometimes shows racial jokes while blacks are

selfish people, and they should just be put in jail for being selfish.

I would hate to always be picked on because what color of my skin I

was, or if people to make racial comments that maybe I am small, or

like they don't like my racial background. I still believe that people

all over the world should just come together and share what they know

about racial discrimination.