Racial Discrimination

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Racial Discrimination When we look at physical characteristics such as skin color from the social definition perspective, there is no clear meaning, but these characteristics do have what is referred to as social meaning. Pierre van den Berghe defined a racial group as a "human group that defines itself and/or is defined by other groups as different from other groups by virtue of innate and immutable physical characteristics" (8). Racial group distinctions are based upon ideological racism, which links physical qualities to the lesser or greater cultural and intellectual characteristics. Originating more than one hundred years ago, people with only one-eighth African ancestry, but even without any physical characteristics normally associated with African Americans, is still considered black by today's society. People refer to this as the "one drop of blood" rule, which basically is saying that if you have any African blood in you, you will most likely still be considered black no matter how much of any other blood you have in you. This is very unfair to mixed people around t...

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