Racial Desegregation Policy, The Accountability Act, The National Environmental Policy,

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Racial desegregation policy Heineman,152

The Accountability Act Pal,408

The National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) Heineman,168

Structural Reform Heineman,175

Anticipating the policy Process Heineman,177

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National Environmental Policy Act

The paper is in relation to the National Environment Policy Act (NEPA). In the early 1950s up until the late 1968 there were increasing concerns on the effect of human activities on the environment. Back then there was no key legislation that could be used to address the impact of human activities on the environment. Hence, human activities were in every sense destructive to the environment. According to, Wilkinson 2003, analyst argued that without a specific policy to address the impact of human activities on the environment, federal agencies were neither able nor inclined to consider the environmental impacts of their actions in fulfilling the agency missions.However, the year 1969 saw the enactment by the congress of the National Environment Policy Act.

The act was signed into law in early 1970 by President Nixon. The main objective of the policy was to protect the environment, thus; Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is an executive office which deals with the protection of the environment. However, for the understanding of the impact that human activities had on the environment, preparation of a more detailed statement was necessary. The statement was referred to as the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

According to Steiner 2007, initially, there were no set regulations specifying the implementation of the policy and the procedures to be followed by agency mandated to enforce the act. As a result, agencies reacted to NEPAs requirem...

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...the courts have a role of ensuring that NEPAs laws are enforced by the federal agencies. The public too has a role of ensuring that the actions of the federal agencies do not pollute the environment by reporting any activity taken by the federal agencies that harm the environment.


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