Race Riots Advancement for African Americans in America

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1462 words

Race riots in America is a story told so little, but a story that is key to the hard work and road laid for African Americans. In the 20th century in times where we knew African Americans fought persistently for Civil Rights, seldom is their the story about the early 20th century. In the beginnings of the 20th century Riots broke out across all of the United States, over eight issues which included the following: Prejudice, Economic Competition, Political Corruption and Exploitation of Negro Voters, Police Inefficiency, Newspaper Lies about Negro Crime, Unpunished Crimes Against Negroes, Housing, Reaction of Whites and Negroes from War. Over the course of a span of fifty years more than eight riots broke out, including Wilmington race riot; the only successful coup d’état in United states history. Within this topic I will research organizations that were founded during this time in result of riots and that impacted the advancement of African Americans. The end of Civil War brings emancipation and then reconstruction of the South, which brought many white American fears of equality of the races to reality. This lead to a number of states in the south creating Black Codes, in their fear southern whites used things like interracial marriages, miscegenation to resist new equality laws. This included clauses from the antebellum slave laws, and free northern black’s laws. Later challenged by the fourteenth amendment, that was ratified in 1868 requiring the states to pass laws to all citizens without any form of discrimination. Following the outbreak of race riots in United States from the late 1890’s to mid 1900’s, African Americans formed numerous groups in response to the political and racial atmosphere in the United States; these ... ... middle of paper ... ..., as previously stated it was due to eight issues. As oppose to my original assumption, which was that, they were strictly a result of the White Supremacist movement in the United States in regards to politics. As a result of these riots groups were formed that worked to improve conditions for Blacks. Blacks came together creating organizations that are still in existence today that addressed each issue. Throughout the research I found that for the most part the organizations that are not still running today, merged with other organizations and created bigger one that are still in existence. I also found that without a doubt these organizations did in fact server their purpose to the best of their abilities, realistically these groups can only create a certain number of jobs or fight for a number of issues due to not only the economy but resources (their funding).

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the fusionist party gained control of the general assembly in 1894, and a strategy was in place for democratic leaders to redeem the south.
  • Explains that race riots in america are a story that is key to the hard work and road laid for african americans.
  • Explains that the race riot began from alexander manly's response about interracial relations claims made by rebecca l. felton.
  • Describes the events of the red summer as "black america awakened politically, socially, and artistically like never before."
  • Explains that the civil rights movement developed civic engagement programs and organizations to address the eight issues, such as prejudice, economic competition, political corruption, police inefficiency, newspaper lies about negro crime, housing, and educating the minority community.
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