Race Is An Empty Signifier Of Identity Essay

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Race still dominates in some popular cultural land scape where by people are still identified by the colour of their skin meaning that when you are black you are viewed as being poor, you don’t have a thinking capability and you are a criminal, also people they are discriminated by their home language as Frantz Fanon stated that white people at some stage they were viewed as fully human being not only because of their skin colour but because of monetary value and blacks as half human beings because they don’t possess the same kind of things that white have.( race, the empty signifier, 2013:p190) In this essay I will argue about the fact that race is just an empty signifier of identity mainly because it is an assumption about a particular individual it is something that we are made to believe about certain type of people and that some people have the power of the other just because of the colour of their skin, for instance as African nation during the apartheid era we were told to address the white nation by Sir/Madam because they were owners of the mean of production meaning that they had the power to do everything that they like with our fathers live and now we are exposed to social media where by the same kind of behaviour is still portrayed but now it is mostly done by the black nation. Race does not determine the kind of a person you are or who you going to be in the future, one cannot be identified by the colour of his/her skin who he/she as it is done in the poem Telephone Conversation by Wole Sonyinka. In this poem the poet is talking about two people who are having a conversation on the phone, the first person is an African man looking for a place to lease and on the other end of the phone is a white land lady who is a... ... middle of paper ... ...using this poem to inform and educate us that one cannot use race to identify another person, like if I’m a Sotho speaking person then that means I’m loud but at the same time love peace. According to the law we are all equal and we all deserve the same kind of treatment meaning that no one deserve special treatment than the other it is also agreeing with Frantz Fanon that a person cannot be identified by the colour of his/her skin because you will never know what is beneath. Reference list 1. http://www.studymode.com/essays/Analysis-And-Commentary-Of-Telephone-Conversation-1493106.html 16 Mar.[ 18 Mar 2014] 2. My Last Duchess (Robert Browning) Poetry Analysis: La belle Dame sans Merci- John Keats. 3. The university English literature study guide(20131015), un-disciplining the body: poetics, prose and performance, chapter 6: identity and the body ,race p. 190

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