Race Discrimination and The World War I

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World War I was a life-changing moment in African-American history. It impacted all African Americans, no matter gender, class, or origin. Although the it had a larger impact on those who lived in the South. African-American soldiers actually served in the army for the United States way before the Great War. But World War I marked a turning point for colored soldiers, not only on the battlefield but when they returned home as well. It was overall a good thing for them. In the end over six hundred African Americans were selected as officers which was a rank they could not hold efore the war. Allthough still segregated against and suffering extreme discrimination black soldiers made big improvement for race issues during this war. Race discrimination was preasant in World War 1.
A lot of African Americans were eager to join the U.S. army. Most saw the war as an opportunity to demonstrate their patriotism and show they are equal citizens. They believed that if their race sacrificed for the war effort the government would have no choice but to reward them with better if not equal civil rights. Over one million African Americans responded to the draft sign ups. About 370,000 were initiated to the army (L, Charles. "African Americans and World War I." African Americans and World War I. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2014.)
When it came to the draft there was some discrimination. Draft groups were composed of all white men. Although there were no specific segregation rules outlined in the draft legislation, blacks had to rip one corner of their registration cards so they could be identified easily and trained separately. The drafts were doing all they could to take colored people into the service ...

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...British Soldiers in WW1 & WW2. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2014.).
Having a biracial army deffinetly helped the United States, Allthough still segregated against and suffering extreme discrimination black soldiers made big improvement on race issues during the Great War. Race and injustice was preasant in World War 1 for African Americans. Before the war, Blacks were very ambitious about joining hoping that they could earn more rights and respect. Over one million showed up for the draft. Only to find out that during the war most Acfrican American soldiers were not in the trenches but rather digging them. And they were even more disappointed that when the war was over things almost got worse, with the introducement of the Jim Crow laws treating their race like they are less than human. African Americans made huge contributions to the war and we're not rewarded as such.
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