Race Definition Essay

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What makes you a certain race? Does it signify biological differences or is it the product of social categorization? Race cannot be truly interpreted without reflecting on the purpose of the division of races. We functionally use the concept of race to distinguish or set apart certain groups based upon identifiable physical traits. The idea in hindsight seems practical; in the same way we label animals or even food groups. However, the act of defining races as it applies today, maintains a much less inclusive origin. In Early Modern England, race was used to reference bloodline or family lineage. Although the word race, is used in a different context than it once was in Early Modern England, qualities of its original meaning are still representative in today’s interpretation. However, the significance of the word has since evolved, expanding the meaning of race to a more complex level. In consideration of whether race is either a concept or a vocabulary world, I have found it unsuitable to confine race to only one of these options. In this essay, I will explore how we mean by race resembles its Early Modern English definition, as well as the factors that prevent race from being singularly a concept or a vocabulary world. Today's meaning of race has evolved to signify something different than it did in Early Modern England. I believe that in modern times it is associated with referencing a universal term, however I do not feel that race is strictly a concept or definition. But rather, race is a concept whose present-day meaning is accredited to its evolution from its Early Modern origins, cultural significance, and societal adaption of what defines race. In roughly fifteenth to seventeenth century England, race is believed to hav... ... middle of paper ... ...hello, J. E. Feerick Strangers in Blood: Relocating Race in the Renaissance, and our class discussions, I have come to assess race as a social constructed process that works to benefit the oppressor. What society means by race is an idea that is unanimously understood in today’s world. At surface level, race can be modernly defined in simple terms. The origination of race to describe family lineage or bloodline, and the transformation of its meaning due to social prejudice, reveals race to be more intricate than a kind of terminology. The depth of the word race is certainly conceptual in this regard. Nevertheless, society still attributes race to a more singular meaning. With this in mind, I feel that our modern perspective of race is a definition derived from its Early Modern origins, whose cultural significance, creates a societal adaption of what defines race.
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