Race Class And Literacy Essay

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Race, class and genders role in literacy The general consensus people have about literacy is that for someone to be literate they have to be able to read and write, The question that needs to be answered is what are the elements that affect the way one becomes literate and sponsors they will receive? Race, color and gender are the three main factors that play into the upbringing of an adolescent. These all affect the sponsors available and the literacy someone will be able to receive. Literacy sponsors inspire kids everyday when it comes to ways of reading and writing. Therefore, Literacy sponsors portray a huge part in the role of teaching young students the importance of being literate. This being said, race, class, and gender does affect…show more content…
Many kids have been excluded from group activities because of the fact that they are a different skin color. This may affect the way they learn because they might not want to go to school or if they do, they don’t wanna participate because they would just be made fun of or be hurt. Race can also be in effect when it comes to literacy sponsors, With some people, more particularly down south, not wanting to learn from certain skin colors because of the way they were taught from their families. This doesn’t happen often but it can still play a huge part when it comes to race and literacy concern. People of different races are also greatly influenced by their surroundings. A person 's race will determine what type of literacy will ultimately benefit them the most. In most cases your race will come from where you are born. Children being raised in Africa or South America will be taught more heavily on the social aspects of literacy rather than a more formal type of literacy seen used in North America and Europe. The reasons for this is due to the way certain economies function. Races of these different countries know where a child 's literacy should be geared for in the long run. Specializing in one area of literacy can give an edge to someone when it finally comes time to look for a job. The literacy sponsors will also be affected due to

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