Race Based Admission In College

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Does affirmative action make university admission policy? By: Megan Larrison Every spring, high school students around the country anxiously check their mailboxes, hoping to receive letters of acceptance to their dream colleges. Typically, in perfect world, acceptance to college should be based on grades, SAT scores, letters of recommendation, character, extra-curricular activities, and personal statements. Recently, however, another factor in the admission process has become more and more accepted; race based admission. This new policy has been made in order to give minority students a better opportunity to gain acceptance into better colleges. In the 1960’s, President Lynden B. Johnson trying to bring diversity to higher education in the United States and serve as a peace offering for past discriminatory treatment, the use of race in the application process is supported by some and opposed by others. Supporters of the affirmative action claim that it is necessary to achieve diversity in education, which in their opinion should be sought above all else, while the opponents say race based admission actually promote racism and discrimination by the use of skin color in the admission policy. Since the introduction of race is a factor in acceptance, many people have challenged the legality of affirmative action. The Supreme Court has heard many cases related to race based admission and this continues today. Furthermore, this essay will look into the different opinions as to whether or not race should factor into university enrollment policies. In the past, minorities have been under-represented and discriminated on college campuses. Most of this is the result of the Jim Crow laws of segregation, which gave African Americ... ... middle of paper ... ...itics say there is no relationship between a better campus environment as a result of diversity on college campuses is essential to the educational process. Both sides use Supreme Court rulings to support affirmative action or to show it is unconstitutional: I believe, the best policy solution is race not to be used in enrollment when there are many more important factors to be taken into account when admissions offices are deciding whom to admit. As the Supreme Court ruled, college went as a quota system for admission because it simply discriminates a whole new group of people, also that specific race of applicant should have much less importance placed upon it then factors such as grades, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Both opponents and proponents of race based administrations agree that without cooperation, this one issue will never be solved.
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