Race And Resistance: African Americans In The 21st Century

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African-American Studies
Race and Resistance: African Americans in the 21st Century
Herbert Boyd’s book “Race and Resistance: African Americans in the 21st Century” discourses the current state of the Black America subject to the clamor for ultimate equality and acquisition of full civil rights by the Black community. Herbert also highlights the in-depth meaning of racism and possible remedies, especially in the 21st century (Herbert 34). The book covers spirituality and activism and wisdom and cultural expression. In addition, it also highlights the subject of the impact of Aids in African-American community, and features ace and globalization in America. The author also outlines the strategies of anti-enforcement
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The institutional racism negatively affects the African American community. The aspect of institutional racism has resulted in the more than 15% of organized labor for organizations in America. Additionally, the African American community is not fairly represented in the leadership front. Herbert asserts that synergy is the only way of effecting change in Black America. The establishment of business and creation of money through other economic activities will help in the elimination of racism in America. Co-ordination and unity among the Black Americans will enhance change in America Herbert says, “…collective struggle and action… while many of the issues facing African Americans at the beginning of the twenty-first century are not novel, our strategies for self-determination, expression, and indeed, resistance, have had to be consistently inventive and resourceful to be effective…” (Herbert 47). The initiative will result in the attainment of enough wealth and reduction in dependency. Economic independence will guarantee the respect and recognition in the American society. The African American community is subjected to police…show more content…
A large number of blacks indicate the animosity of the police towards the Africans Americans. The white people take advantage of psychiatric diagnosis liberty, to mistreat the Black Americans. Herbert’s statement, “… for private business, prison is like a pot of gold. No strikes. No union organizing. No health benefits…” inspires most white people (Herbert 51). For that reason, the black Americans face incarceration, in order for the white to enjoy the state resources. The initiative ensures that there is no opposition to White malpractices and prejudice. What is more, the health insurance benefits awarded to the Black Americans can also be channeled to the white while the Blacks are in incarceration. The issue of limitation of trade policies regarding Africa and the failure of international peacekeeping reveal that the US is pro-racism. Additionally, the leaders of America hold the view that Africa does not qualify for America’s national strategic interests. Consequently, the aspect of the debt repayment problem in most African countries confirms the schemes of the US in Africa. Herbert says, “…these are mostly illegitimate foreign debts, contracted during the Cold War by unrepresentative governments from Western creditors that sought to buy geopolitical loyalties, not to finance development in countries previously set back by Western colonialism…” (Herbert 63). The concern of prejudice across Blacks is real. The resistance to

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