Race And Race In Fanon's Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Autobiography of Malcolm X takes place during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and illustrates the life of an African American man spent majority of his life fighting for equal rights. Throughout the book, Malcolm X expresses his negative perspective toward white supremacy and actively speaks on behalf of his people for equality. One of the most life changing event in his life was when he converted to Islam. Religion played an important role in his awakening because it removed the blindness from his eyes and showed him that white people were the reason African Americans are suffering on a day to day basis. This essay investigates how Malcolm X’s autobiography puts into perspective how race is extremely complex race that no one can truly…show more content…
However, it is impossible to capture something so complex within books or essays. Therefore, in Omi and Winant’s Racial Formation, they do not show how crime is linked to racial projects, and in Fanon’s “The Fact of Blackness”, he claims that “the burden of representation” is fixed, but he does not take into account how history can alter stereotypes as well. When Malcolm X explains that he wanted to become a lawyer, his teacher’s response shows the audience that Malcolm X was living in a time where jobs were racially categorized as well. Since people of color could not get the high paying jobs, white people often see them as inferior criminals. Additionally, Malcolm X’s experience in the college shows that stereotypes are not fixed because he was able to speak in front of group of white students that were open minded. Instead of forbidding him from actively criticizing white people, they give him a certain level of respect that enables Malcolm X to speak on behalf of his entire race. This shows that people of color were slowly being recognized as humans rather than inferior objects as time passes and it is not “fixed” as Fanon claimed before. Race is co complex that no one can fully explain what it is; therefore, it is important to note that race is not something biological or a mere illusion, but rather race is something that is never constant that plays a large role on how society is formed

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