Rabies Essay

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What is rabies? Rabies is a fatal virus that transmits from animals to humans. It initiates the center of the nervous system. It is called the encephalitis, which swells up the brain. Rabies occurs mostly from animal bites. The virus develops where the wound is all up to the brain. Rabies can be spread in the brain. It takes a couple of days to get the hang of this virus. You start to get a headache or a fever. It is effective when an animal is close to a human mainly with their saliva and can leave bites or scratches. Thus this virus is 100% preventable. There’s a vaccine that can help this virus go away. Without the vaccine, you can mostly die. According to the World Health Organization: “The economic burden of rabies in the developing world also takes a large toll. The average cost of rabies immunizations after a suspicious animal bite is US$ 40 in Africa, and US$ 49 in Asia. This post-exposure treatment is a major financial burden for most households in these countries, where the average wage is about US$ 1 to US$ 2 per day, per person. Poor people, especially children, ...
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