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Comparative and Contrastive Analysis of the Films Rabbit-Proof Fence and Trudell: Hidden Genocide and Stolen Generations “This people... make me sick!” (Rabbit-Proof Fence). Although these words expressed by young Molly Craig in Rabbit-Proof Fence are not considered grammatically correct, they reveal the true feelings of the aboriginal people around the world toward the dominating settlers of their land. Trudell and Rabbit-Proof Fence tell a similar story in different ways. John Trudell, in the documentary Trudell, explains his life fighting for Native Americans’ rights during the Alcatraz Takeover, whereas in Rabbit-Proof Fence, Philip Noyce tells a story of the lives of the Aboriginal People during the enactment of the Aboriginal Protection…show more content…
As described by Professor Homi K. Bhabha, the disruption of ‘fixity’ is an uncertainty or contradiction of a stereotype; when fixity is disrupted, one is led to inquire about the validity of the stereotype. In Trudell Native Americans presented a peaceful people demanding the rights they deserved, contrary to the dangerous bias placed upon them by the government. Trudell civilly led the American Indian Movement with the words “no matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the earth. We must not react out of hatred against those who have no sense” (Trudell). The peaceful manner in which Trudell approached his protests was a reflection of all Native Americans enlightening the minds of western society. Moreover, in Rabbit-Proof Fence, the dominating Europeans of Western Australia perceived the aboriginals as puerile beings that were hopeless without a Eurocentric lifestyle. Despite the perceptions, the escape of the three young, half-caste girls proved their intelligence. As the half-caste tracker Moodoo murmured to himself, “[Molly] is clever. She wants to go home” (Rabbit-Proof Fence). The interruption of fixity is stronger in Rabbit-Proof Fence because the actions of the girls in contrast to the influential speeches of Trudell evoke…show more content…
John Trudell’s revolutionary ideas became an epidemic infecting all whose path he crossed. A memo within the FBI’s 17,000 page dossier against John Trudell warned, “He is extremely eloquent…therefore extremely dangerous” (Trudell). The government feared the capabilities of Native People, by virtue of the generationally motivating words of John Trudell. However, In Rabbit-Proof Fence, the government quickly discovered they had underestimated the abilities and intelligence of the aboriginals. The chief protector Neville realized, “Just because people use Neolithic tools, doesn’t mean they have Neolithic minds” (Rabbit-Proof Fence). Opposed to his preceding judgment, Neville recognized their inner luminosity despite their primal appearance. Trudells’ advantages and the limitations of the half-caste girls appeared parallel, thus, making the installation of the governments’ fear more miraculous in Rabbit-Proof Fence leading to a more triumphant reaction evoked in the

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