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RX Drug abuse is the dependence of something that your body can not good with its an addiction that many not go away. Drug abuse is all around us there nothing we can do to fight against drug abuse in teen or anyone at that matter, however we can do something about our love ones. The truth of ecstasy is that I 1912 German scientist looking for a drug to stop a bleeding and they developed a chemical called MDMA.(Ecstasy) Drug abuse affects everyone in some sort away they themselves can be abusing drug without evening knowing. The common misconception about RX that there is no side effect to your body many may think that the it safer to abuse these drugs because the doctors prescribe it to you, also some take drugs to the high elicited. However but what they do not know Is that the drugs will have a long term on your body. The things is with the long term you’ll probably not notice it until its to late. There as a short term is that it will damage your body for a while but it will clear up in a couple years once you take it. The common drug that is abused opioids that’s is the a depressant that’s slows down the nervous system and gradually slows your immune system. The common drug that is You may ask yourself how. For example if you are in pain what the first thing you do to cope with the pain you get painkiller right. You are abusing the drug by depending on it to take the pain away. That is drug abuse right there. Drug abuse can tear apart families because the person abusing drug is wanting the drug twenty four seven and they will get it at any price without caring about the consequences it will come down to the point where they will just leave. (Teens) Also 42% of teens abuse drugs due to the fact of their li... ... middle of paper ... ...le. Due to the fact that its un sanitary and its easy to pass the diseases from one person to another and its really outrage that getting HIV is so easy all this time we thought that HIV was a sexual transmitted diseases. It really just unbelievable that you can get HIV from just one needle pricing your skin. (HIV and Drugs) There is a compares of that Alice wonderland is based on the drug. Like the worm was using marijuana and the dr Woodrow is full of energy is because apparently he is on LCD. The funny thing is that you woud never know that unless you read my paper. To conclude, Drugs are bad and there harmful to your body they are something that you do don’t ever what to abuse. We need to find a way to stop this growing problem because it becoming an issues. We as a nation need to come together to stop out drugs. No girl will love you if you do drugs.
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