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Are Islam and democracy compatible with each other? This is a dominant, global debate that continues to be discussed to this day. A large amount of literature has developed arguments that Islam has all the requirements of modern state and society. In fact, some western researchers support the Islamist claim that parliamentary democracy and representative elections are not only compatible with Islamic law, but that Islam actually encourages democracy. They do this in one of two ways: by either twisting definitions to make them fit the systems of Islamic government, or by bending the reality of life in Muslim countries to fit their theories. Irfan Ahmad and Bernard Lewis are two authors that disagree on Islam’s compatibility with democracy. Lewis appoints the question whereas Ahmad questions it. These two thinkers not only offer different arguments on Islam and democracy, but also the political nature of Islam. However, they both come to a conclusion using their own definition of democracy. In some sense, they both twist the term “democracy” in order to advance with their opposing argu...

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