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1) The responsibilities of the professionals represented at the MDT meeting are to make decisions regarding the student and whether his/her needs are serious enough that special education is a necessary option. The required members of the MDT meeting are the student’s parents, the general education teacher that is responsible for the child and any other professional that would be an appropriate member of the team to assess the student. This would usually be the principal, a special education teacher and possibly even a speech/language pathologist, psychologist or even social worker.
In an annual review it is not necessary for all the team members of the multidisciplinary team to be present. The teacher instructing the student, an administrator and any other professionals that represent the school district will be meeting with the student’s parents. The responsibilities of the members in an annual review are to discuss whether any of the goals and objectives the student has, have been meet and any new steps that should implemented in the student’s education.
2) Ms. Richards has an essential role in the meeting. As it says in the passage, the sixth grade teachers will be working with Natasha in the fall. Ms. Richards is representing the 6th grade teachers. In learning, it is essential to know your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Tucker already has experience with Natasha and may know what works best for Natasha. Mr. Tucker would have a lot of experience with Natasha, so he could possibly share this information with Ms. Richards. Ms. Richards needs to prepare for Natasha and create an IEP that will best benefit Natasha’s learning experience. Ms. Richards has expectations for the 6th grade students that her and the other 6t...

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...take extensive period of time to reach.
The final step in the MDT meeting is placement. The MDT must decide the placement of the student. Placement means the location of the student’s learning area. That is whether the student will be in a general education classroom, special education classroom or etc.
To make an IEP valid, there must be frequent monitoring of the IEP annual goals and short -term objectives. The student’s current performance level must also be on the IEP. The IEP must have a justification for being in place and possibly for the student anywhere. The IEP must contain all accommodations and special services needed. The IEP must also include the date of initiation, strategies for evaluation and a transition plan. One major requirement to make the IEP valid is that the individuals that participated must sign it. That would also include the parents.
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