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Objective: Explain the pathophysiology of acute renal failure. Include prerenal, intrarenal, and postrenal causes- Pre Renal Impending problems or signs and symptoms involving malfunction of the renal system can be detected by: a. The inability of the patient to urinate known as anuria. b. Flank and side pain c. Painful urination (dysuria) d. Blood in the urine (hematuria) e. Diminished urine output or Urinary Retention f. A generalized feeling of weakness and malaise All of the preceding are signs and symptoms indicating a possible kidney problem. The pre renal stages of acute renal failure are preexisting conditions such as; diabetes, hypertension, and other cardio pulmonary diseases leading to complications that are indicated by the preceding markers. Intra-Renal From what my research has shown the human body has two main organs in charge of the disposal of waste in the body, the lungs and the kidney. The lungs in the respirations process taking in the necessary oxygen our bodies need and expelling carbon dioxide. The kidneys in cleaning and filtering out our bodies wastes as well as triggering hormones to maintain homeostasis. The kidney's filtering abilities take in plasma in order to remove extraneous unwanted waste products and reabsorb what is necessary. After glomelular filtration the kidneys trigger the hormones necessary to cause the body to increase or excrete any waste and keep our bodies in optimal shape. That which is filtered, unwanted, and unnecessary to the body comes through the kidneys to the ureters to the bladder and out of the urethra to be disposed of as urine. The color and the frequency of our disposal of these wastes can help us detect any abnormalities. Any observed abnormality in the re... ... middle of paper ... ...ical team's plan of action should also include emotional and familial consenting and support. Keeping the patient's spirits high makes it easier for them to make pertinent decisions regarding their health. Whether those decisions have to do with consent to undergo dialysis or as simple as making the correct nutritional decisions for themselves. As nurses we need to be sensitive to the patient's needs in totality. Mind, body, and spirit need to be addressed as part of Florence Nightingale's principles of optimal care. Understanding of the pathophysiology and the cause and effects of any disease process helps us to better empathize with our patients and provide each person with the care and understanding we all should have for one another. Building understanding for each individual on any level creates harmony and respect for each and every life we touch.


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