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Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a standard that enables devices such as computers, other wireless devices, and intelligence appliances1 to be plugged into the same network and be familiar with each other’s existence. UPnP works by users plugging devices into a network with the configuration taken care of, it then obtains a TCP/IP address which is the internet’s communication protocol, and is also applicable to private networks whether an extranet or intranet2. It then uses another protocol which is HTTP, this is the internet’s hypertext transfer protocol and this broadcasts the different devices on the particular network3. UPnP has been deployed but there is uncertainty whether there was adequate consideration concerning its robustness as this may result in safety implications for users.
Expanding on UPnP, it can be connected wirelessly through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth4 or via wired through Ethernet. Communication between devices within the network is successful as long as there device supports UPnP. DHCP is the networking protocol in which connections are created, each individual device connected is assignment a unique IP address. DHCP5 is the dynamic host configuration protocol. This protocol is used to assign IP addresses to computer within a network, and IP addresses are stored on the server waiting to be assigned to a computer that connect to it. Primarily DHCP is for larger networks, nevertheless the speed of DHCP results in the popularity of such networking protocol.

Figure 1 is an UPnP media service that allows for users to display their media files from their preferred cloud storage, files will be viewable from various dives such as television, portable computers, ...

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... of UPnP it is clearly evident that the security weaknesses have categorically identified that UPnP was deployed without adequate consideration regarding its robustness. Elaborating, due to the large amount of security weaknesses regarding UPnP it is clearly evident that there is a lack of robustness. These security weaknesses are of such high magnitude that user information may be exposed, resulting in malicious attacks being undertaken there is not a possibility that at this current time UPnP is robust enough to handle the demands. Nevertheless there are positives that can be taken away from UPnP, this would all for the distribution of technology to change, and the way in which information is received would also change. UPnP does have large security flaws but the eradication of these in the future would allow for UPnP to strive and therefore reach its potential.
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