R. L. Spine Tingling Stine, Writer of Horror Fiction

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R.L. Stine is best recognized as one of the finest writers of horror fiction, an achievement he reached using vivid imagination and creativity, despite having very little horrifying life experiences. Throughout his lifetime, Stine has won many awards for all of his popular horror fiction series. Stine has never really faced hardships that have allowed him to write his horror novels, he bases his work on realistic possibilities. Somehow, R.L. Stine still seems to keep his readers on the edge of their seat, grasping their spine, at all times.
R.L. Stine, born Robert Lawrence Stine, was born on October 8, 1943. Robert was born under Anne and Lewis Stine. His mother, Anne, was a homemaker. Robert’s father, Lewis, was a shipping clerk. R.L. Stine was not the only child. He has a younger brother and sister, Bill and Pam. In his family, Robert was not known as R.L, all of his family members called him Bob. Robert first started getting interested into writing pieces of literature when he started to fiddle with an old typewriter that he discovered in his attic when he was nine years old. He first began by writing jokes and humorous stories that he often times passed around to his friends at school. Robert’s teachers were always taking away his stories that he wrote, but that never stopped R.L. Stine from creating his works of art and distributing the pieces. Robert only ever had one frighting experience throughout his lifetime. He explains it as when his mother read him the Pinocchio story. Stine states that “The original Pinocchio is terrifying.... He goes to sleep with his feet on the stove and burns his feet off!” (Robert...Stine, 2014). Robert was never a very athletic person or very outdoorsy. R.L. Stine usually spent a majority o...

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... Award along with the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Stine was also named the author of the best-selling children’s book series of all time” (R.L. Stine, 2012). In 1990, Stine has been recognized as America’s best-selling author by USA today for three years straight. Stine received the Thriller Writers of America Silver Bullet Award in 2007.
R.L. Stine is arguably one of the best horror fiction writers of all time. With his use of vivid imagination and lack of real-life experiences, Stine was still able to create works of horror that thrilled audiences after every read. Stine receives criticism on his work daily, with it being negative or positive. Robert is a very diverse writer, with many branches of different genres he writes about. From it being humor, all the way to horror, Stine never seems to fail to captivate his audience on any of his pieces of literature.
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