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“Immature love says:’ I love you because I need you. ‘Mature love says’ I need you because I love you” (Fromm, Eric). Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare, the play is based on teenagers who fall in love with each other without thinking about the consequences that there love will have. In the play the reader will see Romeos immaturity and irrational decisions that lead to his death, also the reader sees Juliet’s immature decisions and her lack of growing up and being more mature. The outcome of the play was changed because of there irrational thinking. This essay will argue how the immaturity and naivety of the main characters lead to their downfall in the play of Romeo and Juliet.

Throughout the play we see a lack of maturity in Romeo as he makes quick decisions without thinking them through and the reader realizes how fast Romeo can be in and out of love. In the beginning of the play Romeo is shown, as he’s heartbroken over Rosaline a couple hours after the reader sees him love-struck over Juliet and talks the same way about Juliet as he did about Rosaline hours ago. The reader will learn he falls in love easily. Romeo stated the following after seeing Juliet “ Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight. For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”(Shakespeare 1.5.59-60). This vividly shows how fast Romeo can fall in love, which shows immaturity. This also shows that he’s very shallow because for him love is based on physical beauty as he only saw Juliet for the first time. Another example of Romeo’s immaturity includes when the prince was merciful and banished Romeo from Verona for killing Tybalt and Romeo whished the prince had sentenced death for him. Also it shows that Romeo did not ...

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...” (Shakespeare 5.3.174-175). The reader will see that Juliet shows innocence as she was in a tough position and wanted to die with her Romeo whom she loved.

This essay argued how the immaturity and naivety of the main characters lead to their downfall in the play of Romeo and Juliet. Overall in the essay the reader examined Romeos immaturity and irrational decisions, which lead to his death and Juliet’s immature decision, which lead to her death. Also how there immaturity made the outcome of the play different to what someone would predict. The reader can see a straight connection that Romeo and Juliet death was caused by their immaturity and naivety. In conclusion Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story about star crossed lovers who immediately fall in love with each other and die beside each other knowing there family’s will never accept there marriage.
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