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564 words

An officer involved shooting occurred today at 1 A.M. right off of the alpine/ country club exit off of high way I-5 the suspect was wanted in San José for an attempted homicide case and was also wanted in Merced for a Domestic Violence charges. A CHP officer was the first one to locate the suspect. While on the pursuit the CHP officer requested backup from the Stockton Police Department as soon as the Police Department got involved the suspect’s car became disabled next to the Alpine/ Country Club Exit off I-5. As soon as this happened the suspect jumped out of his car a started to charge the officers with a knife in his hand once the offices got a glimpse of the knife they shot at the suspect multiple times and hit him once. He was later on transported to the Hospital where he later on died from his injuries. No officers were injured during the altercation. Did the officer’s use appropriate action; yes the officers did use appropriate use of force because the suspect was holding a knife while approaching the officers. Any officer is trained to resolve a threat in which the suspec...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that an officer involved shooting occurred today at 1 a.m. right off the alpine/country club exit off of high way i-5.
  • Opines that the officers did the right thing in controlling the situation because the suspect was holding a knife.
  • Opines that the way the department is looked upon after this situation is going to be the same as before.
  • Opines that they achieved community oriented policing because they solved a problem that was happening before it escalated into something worse than it should have been.
  • Opines that the officers did a good job in controlling the situation. the chp officer called for backup instead of trying to control it himself.
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