Quizizz Learning Theory

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Quizizz Promotes Student Learning There are many very useful online tools that can contribute to student learning. Things like Kahoot and Quizlet have played a big role in promoting student learning. In fact, I used to have Quizlet’s in my high school Spanish class, and they helped, tremendously. Our teacher would take us to the lab and we’d individually work on the assigned quiz. It was a really great experience for me and my classmates. I would recommend the use of these online tools for every teacher to use because as a student, they really help give the best learning experience. The online tool I chose was Quizizz. I created a quiz that consists of ten Algebra I and II questions, for grade levels 7-10. The problems are very common when…show more content…
Of these three theories, the theory that connects to Quizizz is the cognitive learning theory. This theory involves examining learning, memory, problem solving skills, and intelligence. The overall concepts involve how we think and gain knowledge. Quizizz makes students think and use their knowledge, while examining the problems that are displayed right in front of them to solve. The students are already educated and learn by solving problems using their intelligence and skills, so Quizizz is a good way to test their knowledge. It is imperative that teachers understand students’ learning levels, and what each student is capable of when teaching because this is a big part in the cognitive theory. Quizizz provides a great illustration of this theory. (“Cognitivism, 2011”) As you can see, Quizizz is a great activity to use in the classroom to promote student learning and give each student a great understanding of the material. I think that a game like Quizizz should be used in classrooms all over the country. Technology is advancing day by day, and we need to start taking advantage of it. Online artifacts like Quizizz exist for this reason, and give teachers and students the great opportunity to utilize the game, with great perks that come with
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