Quintessential Crime Movie

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Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As movie critics of crime today I will be talking about why the movie that I have chosen is the quintessential crime film. As a crime enthusiast, I can assure you that my film is extremely satisfying not only for any crime enthusiast but also for any other enthusiast. You have heard today many claims for the quintessential crime film. The movie that I have chosen is Steven Soderbergh directed film, Ocean’s Eleven. Even though it was released 13 years ago, the movie has all the elements of the genre that are fundamental for success. There is a group of skillful people, perspective is from the criminal’s point of view instead of the good guy, a crime that it committed in an urban American setting. I assure you that Steven Soderbergh has formed the quintessential film mainly due to its amazing elements. To produce the ultimate crime film, the director should work with a great screenplay and plotline that conforms to the crime genre. Steven Soderbergh does this by creating a remake of a well-known crime film. The original ocean’s eleven movie...
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