Questions and Answers on How the West Won by Rodney Stark

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1. Who are they?
The Characters in How the West won was Lily Prescott and Eve Prescott, they had two little brothers. Their parents later died, so they had to survive on their own. In the middle of the movie they go through the stages of there life, such as when the get older.

2. Where did they go and why?
They were traveling on a wooden raft and they were going to different forests. The war was going on so they had to leave. The girls each met someone, but then one time while traveling they hit rapids and there parents died.

3.What did they accomplish?
They fought off the Indians, which try to take their stuff. They lived without there parents, after what happened to them. They learned how to live by themselves.

3 Major Settings:

1. What was the Setting? Where was the Setting?
The setting was in the forest in the first part of the movie. The second setting was how they had the pony express, which was for delivering mail faster. They also made the telegram but the Indians were tapping in their conversations. They also made the railroad express for taking people across the country.

2. What major event took place there? Who or what was part of the event?
The major event was the westward expansion also World War I. Zeb the little boy from the Prescott family, was now about 28 or 30 and in war. It was very tough, for everyone. Also Lily Prescott was a dancer for the veterans. Luis and Clark's expedition went great, they were the first Americans in 1800's to get to the Pacific Ocean by boat.

3. How did the setting develop over time?
It went from the forest to Westward expansion. The Americans wanted to make peace with the Indians, but they ended up killing some of the Americans by having bulls run through their town. They had...

... middle of paper ... killed (bad), including the battle where the Americans died. The amount of wars the Indians lost was the cost.

4.What were the benefits of the westward expansion?
The Indians gained territory in the west, that's why it's called the "Westward Expansion". When we found the territory we found gold and expanded the territory. We also started transportation, such as the train.

5. How has the westward expansion impacted the modern United States?
It caused wars over territories, with Native Americans and Mexicans. It also issued on whether new territories should or shouldn't have slavery. The Louisiana Purchase also effected on the westward expansion, it gave us strong economic power. The colonists wanted to travel the westward expansion in small groups. The Territory was very important to the U.S it held access to the Mississippi river, shipping port to New Orleans.

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