Questions and Answers Forming a Summary of Red Scarf Girl

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Prologue The prolog of the Red Scarf Girl is about Ji Li's life before the Cultural Revolution started. Before this time, her family was very stable. Ji Li was a respectable girl, who wore her red scarf around her neck, received very high marks in school, and was the top of her class. When Ji Li was twelve-year-old when the Cultural Revolution started. Ji Li does very well in school and is very successful. One day she gets called down to the principles office. A liberation army recruiter came to the school to select some children for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy; Ji Li was chosen to attend the school. Her parents are worried and tell her not to go, even though she is very excited. She is upset by their decision, but she follows her parent's orders. 5) What was your opinion of Ji Li and her Family? From what I have read, Ji Li's family is very kind. They seem to be the stereotypical family that loves and cares for each other through thick and thin. Chapter 2 In this chapter the fourolds are brought to attention, and this changes the course of the story. Many shop signs are being torn down and broken up because they are supposedly fourolds. Ji Li is very excited about this and is full of spirit. However, she goes home and her family reprimands her for what she is doing. Also, she gets into a name calling fight with some of her friends and they call her a black. This is the first time that Ji Li experience discrimination for matters out of her control. 4) Think about the children in Ji Li's school and how they treated each other. Until now, the children have had a good relationship. Now they are starting to call each other names. This could be a foreshadowing clue to a future event. ... ... middle of paper ... school to work with her family. The mother and grandmother are extremely worried that they are going to be detained like their father. Therefore, Ji Li says that she promises to take care of her sister and her brother if their parents ever are detained. 5) What was your opinion of Ji Li and her Family? Her family and she are back together for the most part and happy. They all love each other and care for each other even if Ji Li has to be the most responsible one. Epilogue Ji Li's father is released when his faction takes control of the factory. They all move to America except song po-po who died of a stroke. Ji Li realizes how bad communism was and how corrupt Mao was. She is also amaze at her freedom in America but she still loves her home in China and she started the East West trading company to try to help ties between the two countries.

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