Questions On Martial Arts And Gaming

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Hello Class, 1: Engage in your favorite play activity? I find it hard to answer this question as there are so many activities that I enjoy. There are some that I am still able to do while others I had to be set aside. However, I still enjoy them and try to do them when I get a chance. Though to be clear, and to follow directions, I 'll narrow them down to two: Martial Arts and Gaming. I love martial arts as it helps me focus my mind. I can be overly analytical when I look at a subject and Martial arts helps me focus my mind to keep me from being overly analytical. Being overly analytical can be a blessing and a curse at times. Though most times it is a curse for me as I will over analyze something that is supposed to be really simple and make it harder than it should be. Kind of like this assignment. It is simple enough but it wasn 't until I "dropped into training mode" that I realized that it isn 't that complicated. By focusing my mind I realized that my answers didn 't have to be long and drawn out and I realized that the questions were rather simple to answer. I am studying Nin...
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