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Journal Entry One Ethics can be difficult due to the many different backgrounds people come from. It is difficult to know where their personal ethical compass sits. What one person thinks is completely acceptable another may not. Having a baseline in which to deal with ethical decisions helps to keep that waters from becoming muddied. I need to balance out my personal ethical choices, values, and moral decisions by looking at the situation through different lenses. I need to make sure I am not being “one way” and am weighing all the possible options that could possibly go with making a decision. I am curious to learn through class discussion and from you, our professor why certain ethical dilemmas need to be debated or that it is possible that I am not being open-minded about the situation. I have already seen some of this in our classroom discussions. It has been nice to see that people are and can be ethical. It is not completely horrible to have ethics, thankfully. My biggest issue is to learn to be more open-minded. I will believe I am being so on a particular issue but then wham, my daughter will make a statement to me that makes me question my observations and decisions. Learning how to have conversations that do not become heated or at the least, when you are involved in a heated debate that the other person understands that this is just your personality, that you are not in the least angry. I realize that sounds as if I am putting the ethical choice on the other person. I do not feel that it is the other persons fault that they do not understand my high-strung, excited way of debating a strong issue. I need to manage this as I do not want to anyone to think I am being aggressive. I could also learn new ways to approa... ... middle of paper ... ...king at the news it seems many have forgotten what values and ethics mean. None of us are perfect but those in public service should be held accountable for their actions. There does not seem to be any consequences for anyone’s actions anymore. More to the point ethics seem to be different from one person to another. It is almost a “he said, she said,” pointing fingers and yelling the other one did something worse. This is not the point, being responsible for your actions and not worrying so much about what the other person has done or not done, would be refreshing, to say the least. I find it sad that we are trying to find the lesser of the evils in all walks of life. Politics, wireless providers, television service and many other instances are based more on what the other politician/company is not doing rather than on what that politician/company can provide to you

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